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Terms of Serivce

The following "Terms of Use/Service" is an agreement between, the 'Company' and/or 'website', and you, the 'User'. Downloadable content can only be located and downloaded from the Software section of the website. It is strictly prohibited to download any content from any other section of the website. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The User agrees to, at no time, copy any content in whole or part from the Company. The Company does not allow the act of hotlinking to any files and/or content on the website. Freeware applications are offered by the Company and are free to use and download. The act of copying and/or distributing any Freeware content is forbidden. The User consents to never share Freeware with any other users, computers and/or storage devices. It is the responsibility of the User to download and install content/software properly. The Company will not be held accountable for alterations to file, folders or content on the User's personal computer once content/software is downloaded. The User must read all documentation on the item specific web page and/or 'read me' file. By proceeding to download content and/or software, the User is agreeing to said terms and conditions.