Create AOL Buddy Icons

AOL buddy icon is one of the latest trends in illustration. It is coupled with an instantaneous messaging (IM) description. AOL buddy icons are widely used in AOL instant messaging program and in fact AOL instant messenger was the first to make use of buddy icons in instant messenger program, but in the present day many additional popular IM programs also make use of buddy icons, including MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger. Buddy icons for AOL Instant Messenger can be in GIF or JPEG formats. Maximum file size of buddy icon image is 8 kb while its dimensions are 48x48 pixels.

AOL Buddy icons have been very effectively and efficiently utilized by many companies, in the for of documentation labels or picture studios. In addition to this it is also used as an outward appearance of speech of mouth promotion or publicity. AOL Buddy icons marketing the releases of movies or albums are obtainable in the course of instant messaging software or business or band websites. Thousands of AOL buddy icons are available for free download in many websites. The AOL icons are attractive and are best suited to serve the purpose.